Fashion Spy Loves: Cath Kidston Stop Thief Print Dress

If I had to pick one item of clothing that I would be best identified by – it would be a quirky print dress… and this is me – down to a T
I completely and utterly ADORE this dress!  I’ve been a huge fan of full skirted 50′s style dresses this summer – and have been sporting them as often as possible.
This new style by Cath Kidston hit my radar, and I love the quirky cute cartoon print.  I have some bright yellow ballet pumps which would  look adorable with it.  I have found their styles a little baggy under the arms in the past (short body – grrrr) but would totally overlook that to be seen spinning around in such a beautiful print.

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Jumping off Cliffs..

… is what I’ve been doing this weekend!
I could not have had a more lovely weekend – perfect weather, check.  The great outdoors, check.  The smell of bacon sizzling after a rubbish nights sleep in a tent, check.  Good bunch of friends, check.  Jumping off cliffs into the sea, check.
Last year a group of mates and I went to Wales (in the freezing cold!) for a spot of gorge walking (awesome fun – highly recommended, but next time without a hangover please?!)  The balmy July weather and the gorgeous Cornwall coastline was a lot more pleasing this time though I have to say.
Who knew jumping into the sea from great heights was such fun?!   White water rafting is next on our list!

See Quicksilver Newquay for more info:
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Half Moon Run at Somersault Festival 2014

Oh.My.Days…. I’m officially in love with a band.
Last week (yes it’s the first chance I’ve had to write about it!) I went to a new little festival called Somersault.  A dear friend (you know who you are) heard about my obsession with a Canadian 4 piece called Half Moon Run – fuelled by obsessively watching their live sessions on good old you tube – and hooked me up with tickets.  Something about the lyrics and beautiful tone of Devon’s voice just resonated with me.
I had heard that they were done with touring the UK with their latest album – so when I found that they were appearing at a festival, just down the road from me, for the last time in quite a while…well you can imagine my excitement!
Now it’s a rare thing for me to enjoy an ENTIRE album.  I usually pick and choose one or two album tracks according to my mood – I’m a fickle creature.  But I love every track on Dark Eyes (ok – bar one song, but c’mon that’s pretty good for me).  I’ve seen a few live gigs this year (although again I’m choosy on who to spend my time seeing) and for the most part they’ve all been great – London Grammar (ethereal), Foals (kick-ass-beer-throwing madness) Bombay (carnival-esque) – but this one topped them all for me.
So what set them apart for me?  Where to start?!  After wriggling and elbowing our way near the front (advantage of being 5 foot 2 inches!), I loved to see that they were quietly setting up on the main stage themselves – then with a quick removal of a cap, appeared back on stage to whoops and applause with a quiet and seemingly humble nod of acknowledgement.  The set did NOT disappoint – luscious lyrics, totally beautiful and amazing vocals, a stunning intensity to their songs, they are just sooooo talented – and as a side – pretty easy on the eye too (Helloooooooo Devon – hubba hubba)  It seriously brought more than just a few tears to my eyes (courtesy of  both ‘Unofferable’ and ‘Need It’).  Just amazing live, and has made listening to Dark Eyes even more of a pleasure.  They gave us a little taster of some new material – and I just can’t wait to hear more.
The downer?  A phone call the next day from said friend – to inform me that the wristband I’d been given was an ‘access all areas’ and would have actually enabled me to go backstage and meet the band…thanks for that.  I would rather have not known – although it may have resulted in fuelling my addiction even more!  I really hope they get back over here soon.  I will definitely be at their next UK gig – and this from someone who has never really had the desire to see the same band twice is high praise indeed.  I have a feeling I may be waiting for some time to see them again – but it’ll be well worth it I’m sure.
Next stop for me music wise – is my madly impatient waiting for the Foos new album – BRING IT ON DAVE!  And the little taster or two from new Alt-J material looks extremely promising indeed.  Happy days.

Kate x

ps – apologies for the dodgy photo – the only camera I could shove down my bra (festival needs must) was my old phone, and I thought – although not the most artfully shot – better than a stock picture!!
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The part where I explain…

Hello my lovelies…it’s been a while eh?  I’m back –and feel I owe you lovely lot a bit of an explanation!
It’s been a couple of years since I had a *minor* issue of needing some privacy and headspace, and feel its now the right time for a little return.
I may well lose some readers as we’re going to have a bit of a change.  Less Fash, more randomness.  I might blog once a month – or suddenly every day for a week as the mood takes me.  I’m going back to the reason for doing the blog in the first place…. FUN!
It started as a place for me to release my general ramblings on fashion AND life – and its popularity just kind of exploded and starting to take over my life.  I couldn’t keep up with it all, and it started to consume me.  The invites and interest were just overwhelming and it stopped being fun at some point and I stopped feeling like me, Kate.  And – as I previously mentioned – my family and health took a back seat.  I had lots of support from readers saying they missed Fashion-Spy, and I thank you all for that – it meant a lot.
What have I been doing?  I got back to real life…got a REAL JOB, away from social media, (though funnily enough still dabbling with media and promotions!) for the first time in several years again and have been having some fun with my beautiful family and gorgeous friends.
So several years on, what’s Fashion-Spy going to be about now?  Well – to be honest I’m not completely sure!  Whatever takes my fancy – it might be a new product, might be a gig I’ve been to, maybe a new dress – or whatever I bloody well like – it’s MY blog after all!!!  I’m fine with people tuning out if it’s not what they want to read… if it’s not fun, or the real me – then what’s the point of doing it??
So join me (if you want to!) with my new ramblings, and let the fun and nonsense begin…

Love Kate x

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Its been a while…

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Goodbye… for now

As you may have seen, I’ve been uncharacteristically quiet for the last few weeks. This has been due, in part, to the fact that I’ve been rather unwell with pneumonia of all things!
While I was unwell with much more time on my hands as I would usually have – I got to thinking (yes dangerous I know!) about what is really important in my life.  And this has lead to my decision to close the doors to Fashion-Spy for a while.  I need to spend more time in my real life.  With family, doing more things that make me really happy.
I would hope that at some time, feeling recharged, I’ll come back to Fashion-Spy.  But for now this is goodbye.  Thank you all for your lovely comments and encouragement.  And I hope I’ll see you again soon.
Kate x
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Reiss Most Wanted:

Reiss are working really hard to part me with my hard earned cash at the moment.  Every time I peek at their site, they’ve yet another little irrisistible gem calling out to me.  Everything looks like it would just slot perfectly into my Spring Summer wardrobe.  From their luxe basics tees to the super fluid elegant blazers.  The punchy coloured dresses to perfect heels and flats.  Arggggh – its like retail torture!
If I had the cash to splash – these beauties would definitely be on my hit list:

From top left:  Alicia Pumps £129Orsa Tank Top in Sherbert £69Biarritz Wedges £149Danota Dress in Chartreuse £179 Manu Jacket £225Karina Dress in Jade Green £169
And if thats not enough to tempt you with – take a peek at their campaign video to whet your appetite:

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New in at Whistles:

Whistles is just one of those stores I could go into and buy pretty much everything in sight.  They’ve had some really beautiful yellow, electric blue and orange shades in store recently.
From my pick of their current collection I’ve selected a delicate nude broderie embroidered dress, some adorable animal print skinnies (I want them!), a classic breton dress with V back detailing – and my favourite – the Wild Flower dress which totally evokes thoughts of summer and picnics – its my favourite print around at the moment.

Lisa Dress £110;  Animal Skinnies £85;  Breton V Back Dress £85;  Wild Flower Dress £150
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Boots Botanics Skin Brightening Cleanser Review:

I know this has been out for quite some time now, but as I’ve been using it for the past month or so, I thought I’d do a mini review for those who haven’t heard of it before.

I’m still using the Dr Hauschka range of products (see my rave reviews from last year!), however they are not particularly cheap, and the cleanser seems to just disappear really quickly.  So I have been on the lookout for a really basic natural cleanser to use as a precleanse - to help make my Hauschka products last that bit longer.  Enter this lovely product.
It uses natural plant extracts including Sweet Maple and Bilberry – which contain natural AHAs to brighten and give a thorough, but gentle, cleanse.  It even removes my mascara with a quick little sweep over.  It’s a good sized bottle for the £4 price, with a pump dispenser.  It feels lovely and creamy and has a very subtle scent.  Used just before my Hauschka routine – its a really effective (and bargainous!) product that I’m very pleased with.
Boots Botanics Skin Brightening Cleanser £4.07
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Fashion Spy Loves: The Perfect Wedge

These wedge shoes from Michael, Michael Kors are perfection.  A great spring and summer wardrobe staple, they are gorgeous!  An investment well worth the ££’s

Wedge Sandals £115
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