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How did you start blogging? I’ve had a love of writing and fashion for many years and, finally, back in 2010 I had the time to devote to developing my blog – bingo, here it is!
The best thing for me about blogging is knowing there are people reading my blog.  If you are reading this… please leave a comment!  It makes all the difference and is a real incentive for me to carry on.
What makes your blog so different then eh? Ermmm – well – cos it’s me innit!  There are so many hundreds of style / fashion / beauty blogs out there – by bloggers more beautiful (or younger… shakes ageing fist at them all).  Look – I’m not a teen fashion student or a model (obvs!) or working on a fashion mag (DAMMIT)  I am just me.  A 30-something (that’s as much info as you’re getting on the age front) who also has a busy life, a full time job being a mother to a 4 and 6 year old and I squeeze the time in for Fashion-Spy because  I do ADORE fashion and beauty and that’s what I’m blogging about.  So there.
Where do you get your inspiration for articles from? Anywhere and everywhere.  The high street, other people’s style, films, music, and friends.  Sometimes I blog 4 times a day if I have a lot to say… other times maybe once every few days.  Also blogging frequency depends on other factors ie chickenpox or cleaning up vomit (kids not mine).
Why are there not many pictures of you on the site? Ah yes…. that’ll be vanity then.  To be honest, I’m not a huge fan of the impact that time and sleepless nights have had.  But I am going to make a real effort from 2012 onwards to take more photos (sorry, not always pretty!) so you can all have a good nose at my outfits.  I love looking at other peoples pictures, so it’s only fair I do the same.
I take my pictures on a variety of cameras, my phone, a basic point and shoot – or when I manage to nick Mr F-Spys posh Canon Eos (he hates it when I do, as he’s a keen photographer and I am rubbish.  I suppose it’s a bit like borrowing Jeremy Clarkson’s Ferrari and driving it everywhere in first gear)
Bit short aren’t you? Um yes.  5’2 (ish) and a ‘lumpy’ (the kids words not mine) size 10.  I vary up and down 5 or 6 pounds dependant on time to exercise and strength of willpower NOT to finish a family pack of peanut M&Ms.  I have been smaller – and larger – in the past, so can empathize with the trials of dressing for your size.
Do you get paid from your blog? Not nearly as much as I would like – or as much as I would if I put the hours I write, into working elsewhere.  BUT – I wouldn’t have half as much fun.  I use some affiliate links – which means if you buy something by clicking through a link on this site I may get a small commission (but not always)  That’s it.  I don’t get paid to promote any products.

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  1. hannah says:

    hi kate – just wanted to say i love the fringe!!! it looks fab on you! nice one!!! x

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